We are looking forward to working on developing our work with children and young families. We are now being supported by Jayne Blythe from the Diocese of Worcester Calling Young Disciples project. Jayne is working with us to enable us to develop our work with children and young families. 

Jayne is one of the Mission Enablers from the project; I think the really important word is the word enabler for that is what her work is about, enabling us to work more effectively with the children and young families.

A group working together on this project want to encourage you to pray for the work. Your first task is to set an alarm for 3-16 pm and at that time each day to pray that the God who so loved the world may make himself known in the lives of families in our community. The second task will be to pray for individuals and I would encourage you to offer to pray for a number of named people that they might be draw into the loving arms of God. I do hope that we can hear alarms ringing across our church communities as people start to pray for the families of this area.