Volunteers at St. Peter's Pedmore

Volunteering is at the heart of Christian service and discipleship here at St. Peter's.  Whether working with children and young people, helping serve tea and coffee after a service, becoming a LLM/Reader or other authorised Lay Minister, or serving on the cleaning rota or working on the church grounds; our church is dependent on volunteers.

We are committed to ensuring that our volunteers are valued and supported.

The PCC is working through the staffing committee to ensure that volunteers have a clear role description and understand how their work fits within the wider vision and policies of our church.

The staffing committee have devised a generic role description which can be viewed here.

New volunteers will asked to provide a reference using a reference form devised by the Worcester Diocese.

Using this generic version we produce specific role descriptions for each of our volunteers and also considering the best practice guidance from the Diocese of Worcester when we recruit new volunteers. The role descriptions are included as part of our safeguarding action plan.

Volunteers work with the following undertakings from the PCC:

  • That their work is consistent with the equal opportunities and safeguarding policies that the PCC have adopted.
  • Confidentiality will be respected
  • Appropriate training will be provided.
  • Each volunteer will know to whom they are responsible.
  • Arrangements will be made for appropriate personal development and feedback on performance. 
  • Volunteers will be covered by our insurance policies.
  • Volunteers will reimbursed if they incur agreed costs.
  • Volunteers will liaise with the church Health & Safety representative and contribute to risk assessments associated with their work
  • Volunteers are key to the delivery of our church mission and will be involved in the decision-making processes associated with their area of work

We are committed to working in partnership with our volunteers. In return we expect them to respect our Christian ethos and work in a way that is consistent with our church vision.