How the Church Works

The Parochial Church Council (PCC)

The PCC is the group that has the legal responsibility for running the church.

The PCC appoints people to take on particular roles and has established a number committees to carry out the churches work.

The membership of the PCC is as follows:

Chair: Vacant

Richard Sarjeant: Vice-Chair (Chairing all meetings)
David Reeson: Treasurer

Pauline Rollason: Warden
Joy Evans: Elected Member
Beth Parry: Elected Member
Jenny Hill:  Elected Member
John Lewis: Elected Member
Sharon Challand: Elected Member - Also chair of the Partners in Mission Group
Anne Vincent: Co-opted Deanery Synod Representative
Joan Coleman: Co-opted Deanery Synod Representative
Mary German:  Licenced Lay Minister (LLM) - Also chair of the Pastoral and Church Family Group
Linda Kitto: Licenced Lay Minister (LLM)
Corrinne Sarjeant: Licenced Lay Minister (LLM)

Jane Cooper: Authorised Lay Minister (ALM) Elected Member

Tim German                 Elected Member

Julia Savage:               Elected Member                                                                                                                                                                     

Roles Appointed by the PCC

Safeguarding Officer:                   Elaine Hurry

Health and Safety Officer& Secretary to Staffing Committee:           Graham Hurry  

Electoral Roll Officer:                  Nigel Dace

Inventory Secretary:                     John Harlow

Committees Appointed by the PCC

Standing Committee - the Standing Committee has the power to transact the business of the PCC in between its meetings. It consists of the PCC Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, and both Churchwardens.

Staffing Committee - this committee advises the PCC on all staffing matters

Staffing Appeals Committee - this committee is established to hear any staffing appeals on behalf of the PCC

Partners in Mission Group - this committee chaired by Sharon Challand to plan our giving and practical support of mission agencies.

Pastoral and Church Family Committee - this committee chaired by Mary German links with individuals, other groups and committees to fulfil a very wide set of pastoral responsibilities and church priorities.