St.Peter's Clock

8 Sep 2020 • St Peter's Parish News

The church clock is now in full working order. 

From an assembled jumble of 7616 the parts of clock mechanism waiting to go back up the tower - we now have a clock that chimes and keeps us all on time. 

The clock has been set to chime the hours and the quarters. 

It chimes between 8.00 am and 10.00pm each day but has a night silencer on it so between 10.00 pm and 8.00 am you will hear no chimes. 

It has an automatic winder so it should always keep telling us the time, and, as part of this, the clock should regulate itself -  it should neither be fast or slow. 

When I listened to the 6.00 pm news - Big Ben was almost striking in unison with St Peter's Pedmore so after a week it seems to be keeping good time.