Diocesan Reorganisation

17 Nov 2020 • St Peter's Parish News

Changes to the organisation of the Diocese

The Diocese of Worcester is in the midst of making changes to the way it is organised; one proposal is that the Diocese reduces the number of Deaneries from 13 to 6.Here are some very small Deaneries that would be better able to function by joining with another Deanery.For us in Stourbridge Deanery that would mean we would merge with Dudley and Kingswinford Deaneries to create a new Deanery called Greater Dudley.The reason for the creation of this new Deanery would mean it would be better able to relate to the Dudley MBC as it would cover most of that area with one or two additional parishes that would be part of the Deanery but don’t fall within the Dudley MBC area.Full details of the proposed plan can be found at www.cofe-worcester.org.uk/deanery-consultation.php

We have been asked for our comments or questions about this proposed plan; please let David Nichol (davidnichol1958@gmail.com) know by 24th November so we can send these on to those in the Diocese.